4 Days to D Day

Being pregnant sucks. Being at the the of the pregnancy and having only a few days left to the due date sucks more. Knowing that just because his estimated expulsion date is this Saturday but he could still go for another 2 weeks is the WORST. Although, talking to the doctor on Monday, it sounds like they don’t like you to go past 41 weeks. If he doesn’t come this weekend or before, I have to do a non-stress test and possibly another ultrasound (what is with the ultrasounds here?) on Monday to see how he’s doing and see if I have to get induced. Induction is something I absolutely did not want unless it’s medically necessary. However, because I don’t know what makes it medically necessary, I have to trust that the doctors will only suggest induction if there is a real need. So, we will see what happens in the next few days. 2 weeks ago I was 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced and this Monday I had progressed to 2 cm and 80% effaced so there has been change but it doesn’t mean anything in terms of when he’s going to make his debut. I have been getting the little last minute things together like making sure the bag is packed and I’ve started making the cookies for the nurses. Nurses are often under-appreciated and I know that something as simple as cookies can go a long way in making someones day. Also, I know that working Labour and Delivery isn’t always sunshine and rainbows like people think it is so having a container of cookies around can help someone’s bad day. Plus, it gets us off on the right foot with our nurse. Hopefully.

On to something else.

A couple weeks ago, our friend Megan asked if we were going to do any maternity photos. We hadn’t planned on it because, well, we aren’t the most photogenic people out there and also, I didn’t think we needed documentation of how giant I am. I asked Tyler what he thought and he said that documenting how giant I am is exactly what we should do. Thanks for the boost in self esteem, Tyler.

So, a couple weeks ago, Megan and I went out back and took some photos during the week and then on the weekend we took some more with Tyler. Megan has a fancy camera so we managed to get some good shots, despite mine and Tyler’s ability to look ridiculous when not even trying. I have photo shop on my tablet and had fun playing around with colours and black and white and stuff like that.

So, here are the best ones we took.

Megan did a good job and they came out quite nice. I mean, for Tyler and I.

I’m not entirely sure when I’ll post again (if it’ll be before or after the spawn comes). Hopefully, he’ll be a good little spawn and come in the next few days and all will be well! Knowing mine and Tyler’s luck though he will wait as long as possible. We’ll see!


The Final Countdown

It is officially March, which means the countdown is on. Every time I turn on my phone, it tells me how many days I have left until Fetal Expulsion. Today it tells me I have 25 days, which makes me 36 almost 37 weeks. That’s…not a lot of time.  We think we are ready. He has a crib and some sheets as well as some clothes and diapers.  He has a tentative name and we are working on a backup, just in case.  For now, we call him Fetus or Rufus.  I’ve had the pram for a while and Noklop has graciously decided to break it in for us.

He’s slyly trying to climb out without me noticing
He’s a proud kitty.

I’m all for getting free stuff and luckily in the States, you can get a lot of free sample things so I have a few different bottles and stuff like that. I also have tons of formula. I don’t plan on using formula but I can’t control that so it’s nice to have the option, if needed. If not, I’ll donate it to a shelter or food bank or something. He’s also pretty set with baby bath stuff from the free samples (mostly Burt’s Bees) for like a year so yay!

We also got a video baby monitor that uses an app instead of it’s own handheld. We got this one so that the grandparents can log in and see him whenever they want. Since our parents are a 2-3 hours time difference away, using skype for them to see him isn’t super realistic since he should be sleeping when they are able to call. We thought this would be a nice if not creepy alternative.

We’ve had a few ultrasounds (more than I wanted) because, we think, we have awesome insurance. I’m not going to go into specifics of why we keep getting ultrasounds but feel free to PM me on facebook if you wanna know. I can say though that he is 100% healthy and there’s nothing at all wrong with him. The issue is more with the American medical system.  Don’t get me wrong, our insurance is amazing but that’s because we pay for it. I can’t imagine not being able to afford insurance and having any sort of medical issue, pregnancy included. It’s bullshit that people in this country have to go into debt or even declare bankruptcy just to have a kid or because they had to have emergency surgery. Canada’s healthcare system is no where near perfect but we never have to think about being able to afford care. Hopefully this is a thing that can change soon.

OK back to the ultrasounds. Like I said, I’ve had more than I wanted to have. They are uncomfortable and the fetus hates them. He continuously kicks at the wand and then spends the rest of the day kicking me just in case I wasn’t sure that he didn’t like the wand and ultrasound waves assaulting him.  Yeesh.  With each ultrasound session, we get pictures to sit in the back of a notebook to add to our collection. I like seeing him on the screen to make sure his growth is good and there are no anomalies etc but the techs always think we want to see our baby (he’s not a baby, he’s a fetus but i’m not gonna correct them because Tyler and I don’t show a lot of excitement or emotion during our visits and I don’t want them to think we don’t care or something like that). Taking all the extra pictures though just adds time to the appointments and makes the fetus extra mad so he stops cooperating and they have a hard time getting needed measurements and stuff like that. I always want to tell them to get their measurements first then fuck around with getting unnecessary pictures if they want but I don’t want to tell them how to do their job so I just let him kick the wand and roll around and be the unruly little heathen we assume he is going to be when he’s out. In the last ultrasound We saw that he has a full head of luscious locks floating around

Fetus hair

It’s kinda hard to see but basically the stuff that looks like solar flares is his hair. It’s pretty silly.

Back to time running out. We have our list of stuff to put in the hospital bags but the hospital provides pretty much everything so it’s a last minute stuff anyways. His bag is packed but we don’t really need to bring anything for him either so it’s just his regular diaper bag.  We did the hospital tour a couple weeks ago and were happy to find out that we really don’t need to bring anything except a change of clothes to go home in and clothes for Tyler for the 2 days. We also found out that the delivery rooms have a TV and DVD player. I assume it’s so you can put on something relaxing like birds or trees or some shit but I suggested Game of Thrones. Tyler then suggested Alien. I said no to that idea because I already get that one scene (<— click here) popping into my head every time he pushes his foot out really far and I think the last thing I wanna see is that while giving birth.

We also have a list of things to do before we leave for the hospital, time willing. It’s stuff like feed and water cats, put bags in car etc and I’m going to tape it to the door so we actually remember.  Having my lists makes it even more real and reminds me that his due date is getting nearer and nearer quite quickly.

I think that’s all for updates and stuff. The next one will most likely be after his expulsion. I don’t know how quickly I’ll get it out but I may just put a quick It’s Done with a pic or something.