Fetus Update

I know I said I would be updating about the pregnancy but honestly it’s been such a boring pregnancy (which is a good thing) that I sometimes forget about it. That it until I look down and can’t see my feet or wonder why I have to pee when I just peed or why I’m all of a sudden so hungry I can barely function.

I am now 29 weeks, which means I am in the third trimester (and have been for a little while). I am definitely looking forward to this whole thing to be over because I can’t say I’ve enjoyed being pregnant.  Not that it’s been bad by any stretch, I just haven’t gotten any joy out of it. I know there are women out there that LOVE being pregnant and think it’s the best thing ever but that’s not me.  It’s weird and uncomfortable and so far I haven’t found any benefits from it. I mean, besides the obvious one at the end. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything because I know there are women out there who have a very hard time getting pregnant or can’t at all so I’m not trying to rub their nose in it by being all ‘yah being prego sucks’ but for me personally, it’s something that I am not sure I would ever want to do again.

I think the only good thing I can say about my pregnancy so far is that as far as ridiculous hormone swings and prego rages go, I haven’t experienced any of that. And this isn’t a denying it coz I’m prego thing, it’s a real thing. You can ask Tyler. We’ve talked about it and even he has said that there’s been no crazy hormone bullshit. And Tyler isn’t one to lie to me or sugar coat things to spare me my feelings. If i’m being ridiculous, he lets me know.

Now, the downside to the lack of prego rage is that I don’t get crazy food cravings where I need a certain food right now. I just need food and don’t care what it is. The only weirdish craving I had was butter chicken ( I don’t like Indian food) but it wasn’t even that strange because I like butter chicken sometimes. And I didn’t need it immediately. I think I waited like a month before I decided that yes, I really did want it. It’s been mostly food aversions that I have and still continue to have. Those are really annoying and I hope they go back to normal after because this no tomato based sauces (unless I season the shit out of it so it doesn’t have any taste of tomato whatsoever) thing is getting really old.  The only thing I have consistently craved is Guinness. A big ‘ole spoon of peanut butter takes care of that though so I think it’s the iron in the Guinness that I want, not the beer itself. I have had no interest in alcohol this whole time. Every time I sniff it or touch it to my tongue (doesn’t matter if it’s beer or wine) all I taste is ethanol, not the delicious drink that it is. So that’s another plus I guess.

I know that I am lucky I have been blessed with a really easy pregnancy and should be grateful (which I am) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the same rights as every other pregnant person out there to complain about their pregnancy, no matter how small or insignificant the complaint is.

Let’s move on.

The fetus is growing on track and kicking the ever living shit out of me sometimes (mostly when he’s pissed about something, I think). I don’t enjoy being kicked but it is very reassuring to feel them so if he wants to use my spleen as a punching bag, well then go ahead. So far there have only been a couple times that he kicked so much and so hard that it left me sore for a couple days and that was when we went to Grand Cayman over Christmas. Luckily, there was a pool that I could float in and he really likes floating. I learned that he really DOESN’T like being on an airplane. I live a very quiet life with pretty much no environmental noise so being on a noisy plane and having the pressure change so much was too much for him. And he let me know it. For the entire day of travel and a few hours after we arrived and then again that night, just in case I didn’t feel the other 200 boots to my vital organs. I felt bad for him but there was nothing I could do. It was totally worth it though because we had an amazing vacation full of sun and paddling around in a pool. I’ll post later on about the Cayman trip but I’ll add the only ‘maternity photo’ we have (that was taken by Tammy!). I look like a chubby seahorse and I’m OK with that.prego beach

We’ve been asked a few times about a baby registry. I made one quite a while ago and have been adding and taking things off. It’s not very exciting and for the most part, just has necessities. And books. Lots of books. We didn’t add clothes because I figured if people wanted to get him something, they would want to just buy things they thought were cute. I’ve been asked a few times for guidance on clothes though, so because it’s FAQ I’ll write out here what he’ll need in terms of clothes and sizes and seasons. These will just be basics but I am not opposed to cute clothes as well. Tyler and I both like it when babies are dressed as little old men so that’s the style of clothes we will buy when shopping. Feel free to continue our ridiculous trend or get something totally different. We appreciate any kind of clothing bought for us, even plain white onsies.

The Guide:

0-3 will be  end of March to end of June so spring/summer clothes are good. But honestly, he’ll just live in onsies because that’s easy. So for the first 3 months, long sleeve and short sleeve onsies are good as well and legging pants or footie pajamas.

3-6 will be end of June to end of September so summer/fall for that. But again, onsies, maybe short sleeve and tank top, will work as well as pants.

6-9  will be  end of September to December so I think still fall clothes with a couple warmer things thrown in.

9-12 will be December to March which is when it’s coldest here so definitely winter clothes.

The reason I’ve given the months he will be and the seasons is to make it easier to shop. I don’t want people to waste their money getting him warm clothes for when he’s 6 months because it’ll be way too hot here. I know I always try to count the months in my head when I’m making something or buying something for a baby, just to make sure I’m getting the right season and size but I don’t expect everyone to do the same so having a guide is, I hope, helpful.

So here is the link to our registry:

Amazon Baby Registry <—click the link

Our address is hidden for privacy reasons (this is a public blog after all) But it does go to the right address. It is on amazon USA not Canada so there is the stupid dollar to contend with. If someone wants to get us something from the registry but finds that shipping from Canada is cheaper, you can let me know and I can take it off the registry manually. It’s super easy to do and not a bother at all.

I don’t want people to feel like they have to shop from the registry only or even get us anything at all. We made the registry because people were asking us what we needed or wanted and this was the easiest way.

Another FAQ has been about diapers. We are good with diapers. I signed up for Amazon Prime because of their diaper subscription (cheaper than in-store and being a Prime member, we save more money). Diapers get delivered to me and I can change the size and amount as needed.

If anyone has questions about the registry or suggestions let me or Tyler know either through comments here or Facebook or whatever is easiest.


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