What I’ve Been Up To

About a month ago, I started painting the nursery. I couldn’t decide if we should go with a nerdy theme or generic baby theme or what so I asked Tyler. He liked the idea of doing a Studio Ghibli theme. He grew up watching the movies and I love the movies so it seemed perfect! We picked a few characters we wanted to have, then off we went to buy the paint.  I wanted to get the painting done sooner rather than later because some of the characters were on the floor and I have a very limited time that I can lay on my front.  To get the characters on the wall I borrowed a projector from our friends, which I was very grateful for because I really didn’t want to buy one and renting them were really expensive.  I traced the outline and some detail on the wall then filled in with paint.  I still have to add the tree spirits, painted with glow paint and maybe some fireflies. Also, I’m debating on if I want to add some soot sprites in the corner where the closet is.   Here is the finished product.


I am no artist by any stretch but I’m fairly pleased with how it came out. Just don’t look at it too closely!

We got the green canopy at Ikea and we are just on the hunt for a dresser and bookshelf. Once we find those last 2 pieces, I think we will be done!

P.S. The crib will be down beside my bed for the first like 6 months and then once he’s in his own room, we’ll put the side back on ^_^


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