Well, the inevitable happened…

Tyler and I have almost successfully done the thing that humans are supposed to do. I say almost because technically the spawn has not expelled itself yet but all signs point to success.  If what I just typed makes absolutely no sense (I have no idea how you can be confused…) then I’ll explain in a normal way. I am pregnant! A little later on, I’ll be updating on how the pregnancy is going but for now I’ll say we are very happy I am in the family way (yes I had someone say that to me and I was like WTF dude who says shit like that? Oh right, I live in Kalamazoo and apparently it’s still stuck in the 50’s).

I just went to find the post where I talked about that incident but apparently I didn’t make one so I’ll quickly explain. Before we started breeding, I was taking prenatals to make sure I had the right level of vitamins blah blah blah. We had a critter control guy come out because there were squirrels or birds or goblins in our ceiling and we had to get rid of them. As we were going over the prices and what they do, he saw my bottle sitting there and asked ‘Are you in the family way?’. I was taken aback because who the fuck talks like that and also, that’s a pretty private question to ask someone. I just said uh, no not yet and asked him about my goblins squirrels in the ceiling.

Right, so that explains that phrase.

I will also be making a separate page dedicated to breeding and then probably another once the spawn comes because we don’t want our Kalamazoo Fun Times blog to be all about breeding and babies because that’s stupid.

I’ll close out this post with a few pictures of the fetus because it seems people like to see that sort of thing. I will also include my theme song <===click here, which is a reminder of how NOT to act for the next 5 or so months.

The tech seemed to think fingers are improtant
The tech seemed to think fingers are improtant
yup, it has a face
yup, it has a face
It wouldn't be my spawn if it wasn't doing a handstand...
It wouldn’t be my spawn if it wasn’t doing a handstand…

4 thoughts on “Well, the inevitable happened…

  1. Congratulations you two! I love your writing and to hear stories of your life “down there”(mordor?). I’d have to say, unless you’re having an oyster, spawn might not exactly the word you want. And expelled?.. there’s more to it than kicking it out of class. Cheers to you 2 (and a half) and keep on blogging!

  2. Congratulations Stephanie and Tyler, I cant wait to hold that little Oyster in my arm’s….
    looks like Robin and I will be Grandpa’s…and of course there are Grandma’s and Grand uncles and Grand aunts…..but more importantly Robin and I are gonna be Grandpa’s……I already have a kickass baby toy packaged and ready to send…..I will include the ear protectors as well…you may need them.
    love Gramps..

  3. Tyler and Stef: Thanks for posting this. I have been very restrained about telling people, so now I can! I am particularly glad that you sent this out because I am in China where Facebook (and Google and Microsoft OneDrive and even CBC) is BLOCKED!  Apparently, there is more than one Great Wall in China. Anyway, I am really happy for you (and pretty happy for me too).

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