Things are actually happening!

It’s been a while since our last post but I did warn you that I would not post all the time after our initial move. Mostly due to nothing to say and a little bit of laziness. But really, if I posted every day what would I say? “This morning I woke up covered in kitties, had coffee then watched Roseanne after Tyler went to work. Then I did my daily chores and dicked around on the internet for a while while I waited for 4:00 because that’s when Dr. Phil comes on. Then I made dinner while the kitties and I waited for Tyler to come home from work”. See? So boring…and a little sad. Hopefully our lives will start to get a little more exciting with things I’ll write about in this post.

In the last post, I talked about contacting a researcher about doing some volunteering in his lab. They contacted me a couple weeks ago about doing a tour. I went in, expecting a tour and interview, but I guess they thought a tour really meant spending time with my kid and learning all the procedures. So, there I was, dressed in my ‘Business Steffies’ clothes running around and playing with paint. Haha so much for an interview to see if it’ll be a good fit!
I started this past Monday and go in every day from 10-12. It’s a lot more experimental and mucvh less child caring than I expected but that’s fine. Nice to be in a different environment. They have me following the graduate student practicum, which is why I am in there so much. I also go to a weekly seminar where I am expected to do all the readings and homework and tests. It makes me wonder if they know what the word ‘volunteer’ means. I am hoping this turns into something else down the line so I will continue with the practicum and wow them with my awesomeness…or something like that. Heh. The only downside to my volunteering is that it takes me an hour and a half to walk there and there are some pretty wicked hills along my path. Get it? Downside? Ahahaha. Anyways, hills are super lame and walking in 90 degree heat (about 30 degrees to the rest of the world) is also super lame. But excercise is good and I can reward myself with Bird Dog bourbon whiskey when I get home.


Who doesn’t like whiskey?!

In addition to me actually leaving the house, we have seriously started our house hunt. We left the safety of Trullia (real estate site) and ventured out to the real world with our realtor. She showed us a number of houses in different areas around Kalamazoo. One of the houses we saw was pretty awesome, most were ok and a couple were oh my god no. We aren’t ready to put in an offer yet so the one that was pretty awesome will most likely be snatched up by someone else. We are ok with this because we don’t think we want to live in that town (Mattawan). Most likely, we will end up in the Gull Lake area because we have friends that live in that area and it’s always nice to be with friends. No they aren’t flies Tim and Tammy.

The flowers and trees and finally coming out and Michigan is actually very pretty. My long walk to volunteering takes me through the residential areas full of bright green and it almost make the hills worth it. Almost.


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