Hey Y’all It’s Been a While Eh?

See what I did there with the title?
We are getting comfortable here, finally. We’ve moved out of the corporate suites and into our rental. It’s a cute little house built in the 40’s and it has so much space and storage space! Tyler and I have never had a place so huge with enough room to put everything without it looking very cluttered. I have some empty house and filled house pictures so you can see for yourself the amount of space we have.  A couple shitty things, not about the house but about the move itself. First, the computer got fairly banged up and the graphics card is having issues and keeps crashing. That’s fixable. what isn’t fixable is the fact that we have lost a box. We are pretty sure it was the last box full of random stuff but since we didn’t pack it ourselves, we don’t know exactly what was in it. What we do know for sure is that it contained our soap dish, the measuring cup for our rice cooker, the few pictures and silly articles we had on our fridge and our kotatsu (heated coffee table) legs. Out of all the things to lose, it’s my fucking kotatsu legs. Before we moved, Tyler and I went through our stuff to see what we would need to take if he got a job in, let’s say Belgium. The kotatsu was the only thing that we said absolutely had to come. Well fuck. Tyler contacted the consulting company we are using and is waiting to hear back about what to do. The only options we can think of are have someone make new legs for us or buy a whole new table.  It seems silly to buy a new table when we have the important part with us, but the heater us useless without the legs. This issue has left us with our only eating table being my piano bench. And that really sucks

Other than my beloved kotatsu being half dead, everything else here is great. We finally got the cats last weekend after many many issues with Air Canada Cargo, the details of which I wont go into. When the boys were wheeled out into the airport lobby, they meowed so loud and so much at us that they caused a little bit of a scene. People were staring at us. But at least it meant that the boys were very happy to see us. Or were swearing at us for leaving them for so long. Maybe the people that were staring could speak cat and were appalled at the language our cats were using. Either way, we wheeled them out of there as fast as we could. Once we got them home, we let them out in our room and Heisenberg spent a good 5 minutes looking for a hole to hide in. He eventually wedged himself between the bed and bedside table in the little shelf thing. Then he got stuck when he wanted out and scared himself so Tyler had to rescue him. Ridiculous. Noklop was fine. He was ready to explore the whole house as soon as he got home. Now they have settled back into their routine and get to watch the birds squirrels and one chipmunk that lives under our porch.  They spend some time going up and down stairs, which means that Heisenberg is finally getting some exercise, which he needs because he’s kinda tubby.

While Tyler is at work, I spend my days being a house wife (the How To Be A Good Housewife book you gave me Robin has come in very handy haha). Almost all the boxes are unpacked now and I’ll be setting up me sewing area this weekend.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do normal house chores in a place that’s not too crowded with stuff so I am finding that I’m enjoying being all housewifey.  I think it’s more because I have absolutely nothing to do and this gives me something.

Today I plan to venture out of the house to meet Tyler after work. It’s finally not freezing here and is supposed to get up to 48 (almost 9C) That’s much warmer that the -6C it has been.


This is the side door entrance. We don’t use this because there is no place to take off and put your shoes. We aren’t that American yet.


This is the kitchen before. The tenants before us painted the fridge with chalkboard paint, which I love. We write our grocery list and weeks menu there. It’s awesome!ImageImageImage

This is the kitchen ass set up. It feels a lot homey and I have put the chalkboard painted fridge to good use!


This is the front door that we actually use.Image

Now we have a little mat and our shoe rack. We also bought a coat rack at the American version of Canadian Tire called Menards.



As you can see, we still have pictures to put up and clutter to put away, but it now feels like home. Plus, we bought a new chair so we could have people over! Oh, and a rug.


There isn’t really that much to do to set up the bathroom…


This is our room. The paint is a really dark grey which we might change. I dunno yet.Image


This is the spare room. Right now it has our extra dressers in it and will soon have a bed.

Downstairs has the computer/ soon-to-be sewing room, and furnace room with more space and the spider room that I don’t go into. I will once I get rid of all the webs, but right now it’s far too cold to spend any time in there. There is also a bonus third bedroom that can’t be called a bedroom because there is no fire escape from the basement so it’s the box room. The last room down there is the laundry room/kitty land. It’s way too cold there to hand clothes to dry tho, so I have to take them up to the spare room.


So, that’s our house. For those of you who want to visit, you are free to do so once we have a bed. But we suggest waiting a few months for all the ice to melt and the temperature to be where it should be. There is also a fee you must pay. That fee is KD. Any amount, it doesn’t matter, as long as you bring at least one box, you’re good.


2 thoughts on “Hey Y’all It’s Been a While Eh?

  1. Tyler has a man cave and you have a sewing cave…sweeeeet….oh and I will send the recipes I found for squirrel and chipmunk….for you Cat’s….Oh what the hell, if Y’all gonna talk like a southerner, Y’all gonna eat like one to….xoxo

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