New Friends and Moving.

We take possession of our rental on March 9th and are having our stuff delivered on the 10th.  It feels like we are finally settling into life in Kalamazoo.  It’s a great feeling.
Last week, Tyler was back in Victoria for work, which left me on my own for an entire week.  A co-worker from Victoria (who also got a transfer to Kalamazoo) went on the trip as well, leaving his wife and baby behind. The 3 of us got together a couple days after the boys left for a day of shopping.  It was nice getting out of the house and explore an area that’s harder for me to get out to to explore.  It was also nice being able to talk to another human being. Our outting was so successful that we planned a sleepover a couple days later. I think by that time, both of us were getting tired of eating dinner alone, so it was nice.
She isn’t the only friend I have here though. I made a new friend a couple days ago. His name is Kyle and he is a lot of fun. He is a squirrel.

IMG_0146 IMG_0141 IMG_0144

He comes to see me around 4:15 to eat the seed I’ve left for the birds as well as the mixed snack food stuff I leave for him. He comes into  my house and wanders around a bit, looking for more food.  I want to capture him and take him to our new place but Tyler said absolutely not. I guess I just have to find a new Kyle.

Once we get our place set up, I’ll upload pictures of the new place.


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