What is KD?

It certainly isn’t what we have been eating. First off, it’s not called KD, but Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Second, theres about half in the box than normal and the noodles are teeny tiny. Third, the taste. It’s…wrong.  It comes out in a fine powder and isn’t as strong a flavour.
The fact we are cooking KD, though, means we have moved into our corporate suites. Its nice being able to cook dinner and eat what we usually do. We found an asian grocery so we have rice and soy sauce and the other important basics. The regular grocery we like is just down the street from us. We like it because it is just a grovery store. All the others we went into are super stores that sell clothes and housewares and stuff like that. Those are far too overwhelming to shop in so we were very happy to find just groceries. We were expecting to spend about $150 on our first shopping trip but only spent about $80. Perks of living in the US!
Everyone we have encountered here have been very nice and most people say hello and are really quite polite. When we go into stores or something, everyone is nice and wants to give their opinion on where to go, what to do and what to eat in Kalamazoo.  We appreciate this a lot.
We met with our Kalamazoo minion again to look at rentals. She showed us a house, a couple apartments and a couple townhouses. The house she showed us was one that Tyler also found and had contacted the landlord for a viewing independently from our minion, which I though was funny. The bouse is really adorable and seems pretty perfect for us.  The landlord sent us an email today to tell us he’ll make his decision and contact us tomorrow. He sounded kike he likes us, but who knows. We’ll know tomorrow.
Other than the day of looking at places, we have been shopping and exploring the area and watching a lot of Olympics. There is some Canadian coverage mixes in there so we’ve been a ble to watch hockey and curling and a lot of skiing.
Tyler starts work tomorrow and I start my time doing nothing at all. There is a Kholes down the street and a target as well so I might have to do some unsupervised shopping. Mwahaha.


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