We left Clinton, Iowa at a fairly reasonable hour this morning because we wanted to wait for as much of the storm to pass as possible.  We weren’t exactly sure how disastrous the roads would be because the weather channel was pretty alarmist. Looking at the Canadian weather network online told us that there would be no snowfall where we were headed. We took that information as being more correct and headed off to Kalamazoo.

Fairly soon after leaving Clinton, we crossed the Mississippi river and headed into Illinois.


Neither Tyler nor I knew that the Mississippi river went that far north and decided we needed to learn even more American geography than previously thought.

The countryside of Illinois is very similar to Iowa and we got to see quite a lot of it due to the rout the GPS took us.  If was fun going through the farms and through a sleepy little town. We did learn that Illinois is a very windy state. Pretty much the entire way through you could feel the wind pushing our little car around and could see the snow blowing across the road. That’s something we don’t see in Victoria!


The way to Chicago was pretty uneventful until we got onto the interstate surrounding the city. Holy tolls batman! They started out far apart then started getting closer and closer together. at one point, we were at a toll every 5 minutes.  We figure we spent about $20 within about 40 minutes with constant stopping to pay at them. Yeesh! It has now been absolutely decided that when we go to Chicago, we will be taking the train.

Finally, after what felt like hours and hours of tolls (which was only about an hour) we dipped down into Indiana for maybe an hour or so.


Indiana had not much to offer us in the way of scenery  but it was ok because our stay was short. In what felt like no time at all, we were entering Michigan and the last leg of our journey.


We started seeing trees again, which was nice but the trees were blocking our view of Lake Michigan. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll see it at some point. It didn’t take long for us to start seeing signs for Kalamazoo and then all of a sudden we were at the turn off for it!


We’ve arrived!!

The hotel people from Tyler’s work stay at in Kalamazoo is the Radisson. It is a fantastic hotel! Because we are staying for a week here and Tyler dropped his company’s name, we got upgraded to a suite. Oh man is it nice!ImageImageImage

Also, we got a plantable seed card that you can apparently grow in your house.


I will plant it and see if I can get anything to grow. I doubt it, but I have a lot of time to turn my plant poison thumb into a green one.

Tomorrow we will wandering around town and I am sure we will have more pictures and stories to post.


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