Too buzzed to think up a witty title

This morning we happily left Laramie to complete out final long day of driving through the rest of Wyoming and most of the way through Nebraska.IMG_0007

Laramie was quaint.

The last rest area in Wyoming had a tourist attraction we decided to stop at. It was the head of Abraham Lincoln carved out of stone atop a tall rock.  There really wasn’t much else to say about it except it was cold outside but that isn’t really the rock’s fault.


We continued on through Wyoming, passing through the capitol, Cheyenne.  Cheyenne was another small sad town going along with the theme of a sad boring state.


Upon entering Nebraska we were disappointed that the scenery hadn’t changed that much from Wyoming. We had gotten used to big changes with every new state and assumed this trend would continue.  At least with Nebraska, we noticed, the empty fields were being used for farms, instead of…nothing. So as we  drove in the straight line of the interstate, we at least got to see cows, the occasional antelope and an alpaca or two.  there was still a whole lot of nothing for a while but eventually we was corn and wheat fields, and the closer to Lincoln we got, the closer together the towns got.  We were fianlly seeing civilisation again! Woo!

IMG_0021 IMG_0026 IMG_0031 IMG_0037

For lunch, we pulled into the first big town we had seen in a long time called North Platte.  We say it’s a big town because it had a Starbucks. It was the first Starbucks we had seen since Portland. No joke. So we pulled into a Sonic but saw that it was an old fashioned pull-in and eat in your car. Well, the last thing we wanted to do after a few hours of driving was sit in our car to eat so we went elsewhere.  We ended up at a place called Runza. There is no place like it in Canada and we think it’s Nebraska only but it was pretty good. The burger that I, Stef, had tasted like a ball park burger and Tyler had some sort of beef sandwich thing that was encased in a bun. It looked like a sausage roll, kinda.

After lunch, we drove the rest of the way to Lincoln, Nebraska.  We stayed here because a co-worker of Tyler’s was from there and gave us a couple recommendations of where to stay and what to have for dinner.  We stayed at her hotel recommendation which is the Embassy Suites, which is a part of the Hilton hotel group.  We’ve stayed at the Hilton Garden hotels in Idaho and Wyoming and they were nice.  There’s nothing special to report about this hotel. We had to pay for WiFi in our room which is totally lame but they have free alcoholic drinks (i might be a little buzzed as I write this) and free breakfast so we got our WiFi fee back in a beer and gin and tonic each so it’s equaled out.

For dinner tonight we went to the restaurant that was recommended.  Tyler’s co-worker told him that Nebraska beef was better than Alberta beef so, of course, we had to see for ourselves.  I had the prime rib which they are famous for and Tyler had the New York Strip.  We both agree that Nebraska beef (that’s served at this place at least) is better than Alberta beef. An this has nothing to do with the 2 free drinks we had about 5 minutes before we had another drink with dinner. If anyone, for whatever reason, goes to Nebraska, you have to try the steak.

Tomorrow we’ve got a much shorter day at about 5 1/2 hours (compared to 8+) so we are going to get up at around 7, go for a walk about around town, the head off to Devonport, Iowa


Welcome to Lincoln!


4 thoughts on “Too buzzed to think up a witty title

  1. Stef, the interstates are always boring,but the fastest way to get where you want to go,someday you will get to explore the bi-roads and see the real country you are traveling through, xxxooo auntie Lynn

    • I think there wasnt much to see in Wyoming, even if we had left the interstate hahaha. We are looking forward to driving all around Michigan and the surrounding state once we are settled

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