Today we started out fairly early from Twin Falls Idaho intending an 8 hour drive to Laramie, Wyoming. It occured to us that neither of us knew anything about Wyoming aside from being the home of Old faithful (which is nowhere near our route). The first thing we needed to do was fill up our first nearly full tank of gas (we had previously filled up at 1/2 a tank). We pre-authorized for the usual $50 it takes to fill the tank, but were pleasantly suprised when the total came to $28… We’ll need to readjust our preauth amount.
We spend an hour or so in the morning driving out of Idaho before entering Utah.IMG_0259

Utah was a nice change from the flat plains of Idaho. The Hills adjacent to the highway had been heavily blasted to make room for the interstate. Entering the hills from the endless plains of Idaho looked like driving up to the gates of Mordor.


We half expected to be stopped by a throng of orcs.

Our stay in Utah was short but sweet. We stayed on the interstate the whole time and bypassed Salt Lake city. And then we hit Wyoming.

Wyoming sucks. I mean, the landscape is pretty, for a while. And it’s neat to
see it change so much from grassland to desert to badlands to kinda mountains to Wile E Coyote’s playground. IMG_0276

But holy Hell is there a lot of nothing out there. We have been writing down things to say in in the blog so we don’t forget anything. All Wyoming had was desert and fireworks. The laws regarding fireworks must be really relaxed, or maybe the government knows there is nothing else to do here so they don’t care, but the very first thing we saw when crossing state line was a billboard for fireworks. The ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ sign was hidden behind the fireworks billboard. Then, a little further down the road we was a store selling said fireworks. Then, a little further down the road was a store selling fireworks and booze! A one stop shop to blowing yourself up!. We made it to our hotel in Laramie at about 5:30 pm. So after driving about 85% of the way through Wyoming we now know 3 things about it. Old Faithful, fireworks and boring.
We did take some pictures of the changing landscape that we will upload a bit later once they’ve all transferred from the camera.

Which is now.

CIMG2239 CIMG2255 CIMG2258 CIMG2263


One thought on “Wyo-Why-Wyoming

  1. So, where are to holing up from the night? Are you in Cheyenne? It looks like you are heading into some snow over the next day or two.

    Stef: the blog is GREAT! I really appreciate being able to follow you across the country.

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