Well, we made it through. In record time, I might add.  We were told to devote 3 hours to the border but we were through in 1.5 hours.  The guy processing our visa told us he liked that we had all the paper work and documents prepared and ready to go. Apparently, most people show up there missing a lot of their documents. I think we were a welcome change and it helped us get through really quickly.  For once, our over preparing paid off!  Woo!  Once we were through the border a bit and felt the stress leave us, we felt the hunger start to creep in so we headed to McDonalds for some breakfast that was really lunch for us because we were up so damn early. Oh my god, you guys, the selection! They had like 7 or 8 different breakfast meals to choose from. I had the bacon and egg on a biscuit. It was really buttery and I couldnt finish it and probably won’t have it again but I just HAD to try it. The hashbrowns were much better than we get in Canada too.  Driving through Seattle wasn’t as bad as we had anticipated. I think we were in heavier traffic that was steadily moving at 113km/h for about an hour all together. The freeways are something else though. Super fast and so many lanes and even more ramps and bridges going everywhere. Very different experience for us both. Tyler was very happy to have his GPS because coming in to Portland would have been a nightmare without it. So many off and on ramps and over passes and different levels of bridges and passes. It was crazy.  The total drive wasn’t very long either. We left the border at 8, stopped for maybe half an hour in total and got into Portland at 1:30. Only abour 5 hours total driving. We hope the rest of the trip goes this fast as well because the next 2 days has Tyler driving fairly long days.
Going through Washington, pretty much every business had a number 12 flag or Seahawks flag waving under their American flag.  Even the Space Needle got into it and had a giant flag at the top.  Not that you can tell from this picture…

It was pretty neat to see. The closer to Tacoma you got, the more flags there were and of course the Tacome Dome had a few as well. I really need to work on my photography skills…

It was funny, going through all the towns and counties, the number of names we recognise just from watching American TV channels. There were actually very few that we didn’t recognise. It was fun being able to actually see where the towns are in relation to others (a map just doesn’t quite do it for me).  Many of the towns we recognised were because they were either on the news or an add.  Which is kinda sad, having our knowledge of Washington state geography come from TV. But oh well.
We decided that a fun game to play on our trip would be the license plate game.  Surprisingly, we saw a fair number of plates that werent just Washington and Oregon. Plates like Nevada and Arizona popped up as well as Ontario!  We have a little list going on my tablet and are up to 15 different plates including Ontario and BC (not ours…)
The hotel we are staying at is really nice.

We looked at the mini bar stuff because, y’know, that’s what you do and came across this. That little checkered box at the top left.

And then we saw the price list.  First item under Specialty Items.

AND THEN, we saw their special rewards thing for joining their hotel, which we did because it was the only way to get wifi without paying 11 freakin’ dollars for 15 minutes. And we saw that you get a $10 gift card for the mini bar every time you stay at their hotel. We found it pretty funny that the $10 you get for the mini bar is most likely going to the condoms for most people staying there. Hah!

We got upgraded to a king suite beacause, I think, we got in early and had to kill a couple hours before we could check in.  We wandered around looking for something for lunch and stumbled upon a ramen house. Holy cow was it ever good. And had beer for 2.50. Ridiculous.

Here are the rest of the pictures I took and couldn’t find an appropriate spot for above.

The Sea Tac airport supporting their Seahawks

Welcome to Oregon!

Immediately followed by Welcome to Portland!


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