Good Byes Are Hard

Whether it’s your things or your family, it is never easy. It seems like this whole week has been nothing but saying ‘Good Bye’ over and over again.  Even though I was busy with school, and Tyler with work and we hardly had time to see our families, just knowing they were a short drive or plane ride was enough.  Not seeing them often was bearable because I knew they were close by if I wanted to see them.  Now, though, there can’t be a quick pop in, or even a thought of a pop in because it is impossible without spending 6+ hours on a plane.  We know that we can always hop on a plane if we want a visit but it isn’t as simple as a 20 minute drive.
We went through the same thing when we left for Halifax. We had a long stretch of good byes, saw our stuff leave etc. Twice.  I stupidly assumed this move would be easier because we already did this. I forgot that good byes always suck. No matter how many times you do it, it will always be sad. Yet another life lesson learned. Good byes are assholes.

On another possibly happier but kinda the same thing, our stuff IS gone.


We cleaned out the apartment today and said yet another good bye to the landlord. Not quite as sad with that one. Hah. It felt nice to clean the apartment, but in cleaning the floors I saw just how dirty our floors had been. Gross.  Pulling out of the driveway gave us a rush of excitment that I think was hiding under a big ball of Noklop’s fur and stress. We were FINALLY starting our adventure. And that felt good.


2 thoughts on “Good Byes Are Hard

  1. Ahhh, a new adventure, you are both so lucky to experience this. It wont be like Halifax (well it will be just as cold if not colder) because you will have money this time.
    Stef, of course we will miss both of you. Todays goodbye was hard but try not to lament too much about it or everyone will feel sad for you and then visit….remember what Winston Churchill said about Guests…they are like fish, they both start to smell after 3 days….x0x0x0

  2. Steff your grandparents would be so proud and envious,always ready for an adventure in their early years, hence living in the Yukon with a 1 year old baby and traveling Halifax to Victoria in a school bus with 3 young children ,as well as travels in their later years .Never let the spirit of adventure die…love to you both from auntie Lynn and uncle Ralph

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