Some Updates

So, since it’s been about a month since I started this blog, I thought I’d update our plans and stuff.  The movers come on the 28th of this month (so soon omg) and then we clean the 29th, go to vancouver that night or the next day and leave for America on the 31st.  We are driving across, having our first night in Portland then go east from there.  I mapped out our rout and think it’s OK but we won’t know until we go.  I’ve chosen smaller towns to stay in because 1) Navigating through cities you don’t know can be really lame and 2) most of them looked like adorable small town America towns and I thought they were cute.  No touristy places are on a to-do list for us but if we happen upon one we aren’t opposed to stopping. If anyone who reads this (anyone?) has any suggestions, leave a comment please!  Also, if anyone has suggestions of where/what to eat on our trip or in the US in general let us know. New food is exciting!

So yah, nothing really exciting to report but starting the 31st there WILL be posts with pictures and everything! Exciting, I know. (We bought a whole new SD card too! woo!)


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