Moving to a town with a ridiculous name.

So, since we are starting a new adventure and it’s apparently 2001 I’ve decided to start a blog. Blogs are cool. SHUT UP THEY’RE COOL DAMNIT!

With me finishing school finally we decided that it would be a perfect time to look at jobs elsewhere in Canada.  Then, Tyler’s work decided to close their Victoria site.  We were faced with a decision: do we looks for jobs in BC and hope we can find something or do we branch out and go where ever  we can find a job. There wasn’t much thought put into it because Tyler was approached with a job offer. In Kalamazoo. Yes, that is a real place. It’s in Michigan.

So, because blogs are cool (they are damnit!) and this will be a fun little big adventure for us, I’ve started this blogy dealy. It will most likely contain silly ramblings from me or things that I found amusing, or horrifying for that matter.  Chances are, I will often forget that I started this totally awesome blog for a couple of months, remember and post like 6 posts in one day, then forget it again.  I’ll try not to do that but I’m not making any promises.  There is also a very good chance that no one will read this at all and I will be rambling only to the NSA.  I highly doubt they care about what I have to say either but I’ll do my best to keep you entertained, NSA.

So, here it is. My first long rambling post about nothing in particular except the fact that we are moving to Kalamazoo.  So I guess it isn’t nothing…but it’s pretty close to nothing.

P.S. I’ll play around with some sort of FAQ thing incase some of my non-existent readers have questions that need to be answered.

P.P.S You know what? Just post a question in the comments and I’ll answer whatever happens to come in. Which will be nothing.


6 thoughts on “Moving to a town with a ridiculous name.

    • Funily enough, this will be done. HOWEVER if you choose to read their blog (yes, they because both of them will be writing) you will be dipping into an unusual world of nerd that cannot be unseen. You have been warned

      I’ll get it up and running today or tomorrow.

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